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Favorite Essie Nail Polishes

More now than ever, I would definitely consider myself a nail polish addict. I've tried lots of different brands, but Essie has become my favorite - both because I like their colors and formula, but also because their packaging is so cute and classic! Here are seven of my favorite Essie polishes, and the ones that you'll most likely see me wearing on my nails.

From top left to bottom right:

1. //  Between the Seats - This is my go-to neutral color for all seasons. It's a really pretty light taupe that looks simple and sophisticated on your nails. I also love this for my toes, since it never competes with the color I have on my hands or the shoes I'm wearing.

2. // Buy Me a Cameo -  This one is a gorgeous copper with a pearlescent finish. I love this color for special events, or any time I want something a little bit more festive. Essie also makes a shade called Imported Bubbly that seems to have a similar finish, only with a white base - have any of you tried it?

3. // Bikini So Teeny - You've probably heard of this color before; it seems to be one of the most popular in Essie's line. It's a perfect light blue for summer! In the bottle it looks like there's a little bit of silver shimmer in it, but on the nails the shimmer is barely visible so you just get the color shining through.

4. // Mint Candy Apple - This is a newer addition to my collection, but I knew that I had to get it the second I saw it in the store. It's the perfect minty green - not too cool, not too warm. It works great for all seasons and looks really fresh on your nails.

5. // Chillato - Can we just take a moment for how cute this name is? The color is equally perfect - a really unique and pretty light kelly green. I really like this one for the spring and summer months, and it's also a great one for toes.

6. // Peach Daiquiri - This is probably my favorite summer color! It's a beautiful bright watermelon pink and it goes on super opaque in one coat.

7. // Color Binge - Last but not least is this really pretty orange-red. Personally, I don't like the look of true red on my nails, but this has just enough orange in it to look really pretty and bright. I love the way it looks with a black and white stripes!

That's everything for my favorite Essie polishes! What are yours?



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