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Fashion Lessons I Learned in Europe

As I walked through the streets of London and Amsterdam this spring break, I loved looking at what people were wearing. Especially in fashion centers like Chelsea, London, and the Canal Belt in Amsterdam, I saw so many people with an amazing sense of style. Here are four lessons I learned from them.

1. Come prepared

Europe is notorious for unpredictable weather, but everyone seemed to be constantly prepared for anything. When the clouds parted, people pulled sunglasses out of their bags; when it began raining everyone was ready with umbrellas and a trench that doubled as a raincoat.

2. Practicality is key

Versatility seemed to be something that was important to both Londonites and Amsterdamers. I saw many people who opted for items that worked in all different conditions, like layering pieces, and had many different functions.

3. Quality over quantity

Especially in Amsterdam, people seemed to dress in high-quality pieces that fit perfectly. The "quality over quantity" mentality even carried over to a lot of the local stores I visited. Boutiques usually had curated collections with less, but better-quality items.

4. Keep it simple

I didn't see people on the street wearing as many patterns as I see in Washington DC, for example, or just in the US in general. Everyone was undeniably chic, but kept the number of different colors, cuts, and fabrics to a minimum.

What lessons do you learn from your city?



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