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Easy At-Home Coffee & Matcha Recipes

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a caffeine addict and lover of all drinks one can buy at a coffee shop. During quarantine, I haven't been able to go to my favorite local coffee places for a pick-me-up. So, instead, I've had to get creative with my at-home coffee skills. An important thing to note: we don't really have any fancy coffee machines in the house. Believe me, I would love to have an espresso machine or even just Nespresso. But it's definitely not worth it to buy either of those things just because we're stuck at home temporarily, and it's honestly been so fun finding new ways to make "exciting" drinks beyond your standard drip coffee with as few tools as possible.

The only thing I would really recommend beyond a simple coffee machine (or french press, pour-over - whatever you have!) is an inexpensive milk frother. You can get these for around $12 on Amazon and they make a world of difference! With that tool and our standard coffee maker, I've been making all of these recipes. Enjoy!


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