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How to Unwind (for the Busy Girl)

Between school, friends, and work, life gets busy - and sometimes it's hard to find a moment to relax and make time for yourself. Here's my five tips on how to unwind when you're on a tight schedule.

1.) If you can, take a time out. The best way to really relax is to take a break from everything you have going on and take some time to do something you enjoy. Be it reading a book, taking a hot bath, or doing an at-home manicure - if you want to get away from the stress of the day, it's always more effective to focus entirely on unwinding and block everything else out. When I get some time to myself, I like to catch up on magazines. Find something that's therapeutic to you! So often, we do so much for others and forget about ourselves. Don't be afraid to make time in your schedule for you.

2.) If you can't take a break, multi-task. If you can't possibly carve any more time out of your day, try multi-tasking while working on something else. One great option is to apply a face mask or deep conditioner and let it soak in while you work at your desk. You can still finish up pressing tasks while being a little self-indulgent, and when you're done, take a nice shower and be left with beautiful skin and hair. Similarly, treat yourself to a lunch at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop while you work on a project. You've done something for yourself, without sacrificing time in your schedule!

3.) Remove stressors from your life. Now, not everything that stresses you can just disappear (sadly). But it can be surprising how many little things can be contributing to your stress without you even knowing. A few months ago, I realized that there were just too many things in my room. Even though everything was neatly organized, I knew I needed to declutter. Over the course of a few weeks I spent just twenty minutes or so each night organizing one area of my room at a time, and in the end I felt much happier with less. I would suggest taking a closer look at your surroundings and identifying small things that are increasing your stress, then creating a plan to slowly eliminate them.

4.) Plan ahead. Make time in your long-term calendar for a me-day. Often we schedule appointments, meetings, events, etc. weeks or even months in advance -- why can't we do the same for time we spend on ourselves? Set a date for a spa trip, a fresh haircut, or just reserve some downtime in the midst of an over-scheduled week. And be consistent; make a your rest periods reoccurring to avoid getting caught in the midst of an over-scheduled week with no time for yourself.

5.) Make a point to do things that make you happy. Just like little things can add to your stress, they can also take away from it. Think about easy things that you can do for yourself that will make you happy in the middle of a stressful day. Maybe you have a delicious recipe you found on pinterest that you want to try -- why not make it and slip it into your lunchbox the night before a big test? Even if the rest of your day is stressful, getting to eat that treat during lunch will be something you can look forward to. Doing this will help give you little happy moments throughout the day, and enough of these moments will add up to help decrease your stress overall.

Those are my tips for how to spend some time on yourself when you're on a tight schedule. I hope you all are doing well, and don't forget to take a moment to unwind!



  1. These are actually really great tips, especially the one about decluttering, that always helps me so much!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you! That definitely helped me so much, it sounds funny but it really felt like a weight was lifted off my chest once I finished.


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