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My Signature Hairstyles

I'll admit it, I'm not usually very creative with my hair. My hair is pretty thin (although I have a lot of it), and I keep it cut so it hits right at my collarbone, with layers throughout to give it a little more volume. Generally when I style my hair I don't really have a lot of time to spare, so I tend to go for quick, stylish, and easy hairstyles. Here are my three favorites.


What you need:

This is by far my most-worn hairstyle. To start, I run my flat iron through my hair, slightly bending the last third of my hair under so that the ends swoop in towards my face. I find that this style works best with a side part - I usually keep mine on the right side of my head, but you can place your part on whichever side suits your face best. To create the half-up twist, I brush out a small section of hair from the front of the left side of my part. Then, I twist the hair outwards one and a half times, leaving the front slightly looser to create volume. To secure the twist, I bobby pin the base with one pin facing up and the other crossing over the first, facing downwards.


What you need: 

I usually start with one-day-old hair here, but I can make this style work with freshly washed hair if I use a little dry shampoo to add
some texture. I brush my hair into a slightly deeper side part than usual, then gather it loosely at the back of my neck (almost as if I'm putting it in a low ponytail). Once I have the placement right, I twist my hair until it begins to turn around itself, forming a circle. I use two to three spiral pins to secure the bun in place. Usually at this point I have several pieces of hair sticking out. If you like a messier look, you can leave it at that. Most of the time, I go in with some regular bobby pins and pin down the loose strands. If you opt to do this, it's always a good idea to bring a few extra bobby pins with you in case any stray hairs pop out.


What you need:

Before I start curling, I section off my hair at the temples and pin the top layer up with a clip. Then I begin taking small sections of hair in the bottom section and curling them away from my face. To make sure all my curls go in the right direction, I keep the clip of my iron facing the front when I clamp down on each piece.  I hold each piece for 5-6 seconds before releasing. When I've finished the bottom section, I clip it together in a pony tail before letting down the top section and repeating the process. After everything is curled, I lightly comb through my hair with my fingers. Then I finish off with a spritz of the Kenra Volume Spray, which holds the curls in place all day.



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