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Dressing for the Summer Heat

The weather has really started warming up here in Virginia, and while I love summer clothes, I hate feeling uncomfortable because of the heat. For me, balancing looking cute and not overheating has been a learning experience, and I've definitely gotten better at it over the years! Here are some of my tips for staying cool and looking put-together this summer.

1. // Look for flowy clothes. 

If I could, I would easily wear t-shirts and Nike shorts all summer long. Sadly, though, sometimes I need to look a little bit more presentable. Cue flowy shorts (like this adorable pair from J.Crew), tanks, and dresses. They look cute while letting you breathe and keeping you from turning into a sweaty mess.

2. // Layer it up. 

This may sound more like a winter fashion tip, but it applies to summer too. Wearing layers - like a summer-weight cardigan over a sleeveless top - will prevent you from feeling cold inside chilly air-conditioned environments, and layers can easily be taken off once you get outside.

3. // Sandals are your friend.

There is nothing worse than having sweaty feet inside a pair of ballet flats or boat shoes. To avoid that struggle altogether, I try my best to pick sandals any time I can in the summer. You can buy them in all different colors and styles, but I would recommend picking up a pair of casual flip flops and something a little fancier to start out, so you have a footwear option for any event or outfit.

4. // Pick out a hat. 
Hats not only protect your skin from getting sunburned (freckles are cute, sunburns are not!), but also keep you cool by shading your face. Baseball hats are great if you're working out, but otherwise, it might be better to go for a straw sunhat as the straw has better ventilation and will ultimately be more comfortable, especially if you're outside in the sun. 

Well, there are my tips for staying cool & put-together this summer. What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?



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