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Packing Preppy

Hello everyone, long time, no post! I'm sorry for my absence here on the blog, but I'm excited to say that you can expect a lot of posts coming up, as I am heading to Block Island tomorrow. It's been a family tradition for as long as I can remember to visit my grandma at her summer home on the island, and BI is one of my favorite places on earth! 

I wanted to share with you an overview of everything I'm packing for two weeks of lying on the beach, long walks, and shopping in town. When I pack, I try to make sure that every item I bring is a multi-tasker (for example, shirtdresses that can be a beach coverup during the day and double as a nicer dress for a night out) in order to save space in my suitcase. Likewise, I also have to pack for all kinds of weather - you never know when you might run into a rainy New England day on the island. 

Stay tuned to the blog and insta (@brunettesandpearls) for updates from my trip! More posts soon to come. 



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