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Back-to-School Makeup for the Preppy Girl

A few of you have emailed or messaged me via instagram (@brunettesandpearls) asking about what makeup I'm wearing in my photos. So as part of my back-to-school series, I decided to show you my school makeup essentials! For me, less is more for makeup, but I do like to wear some to school to feel put-together. Here's what I recommend:

1. // Base - For school, I would recommenced that you go with the lightest possible coverage you feel comfortable with (you want it to look natural). I rotate through different bases depending on how my skin looks on a particular day, but most of the time I use either the Revlon Colorstay Foundation or the IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation. I also recommend the Garnier BB Cream; it is very natural and there are different choices for people of all skin types.

2. // Concealer - I use two different shades of the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, which is amazing and very inexpensive. The brightener shade goes under my eyes (it has a pink undertone that cancels out dark circles) and the light shade conceals any major breakouts that need extra coverage. If you'd like, you can skip a base and just use concealer.

3. // Powder - If you're using a powder foundation you can skip this, but personally I like using a powder under my eyes to set my concealer. To look as natural as possible, I go for a translucent powder like this one from NYX.

4. // Blush - A cream blush is a must because it brings color back to your face, looks natural and gives a pretty glow on the cheeks. I like this one from NYX in the color Natural, but there are lots of good options at the drugstore.

5. // Eyebrow Pencil -  If you have amazing eyebrows already you can use a brow gel (I love the clear brow gel from Anastasia). But for people like me who need a little more help in the brow department, I've found that a pencil really is the easiest and most natural way of filling them in. I swear by the Milk Makeup Eyebrow pencil; it's the perfect natural color and even though it's more expensive it's worth every penny.

6. // Mascara - This is one step that I think makes a huge difference in my routine. I think that every girl should have a good mascara on hand at all times, especially for school. It instantly brightens your look and brings attention to your eyes, making you look more awake (which I definitely need when I'm running on coffee and six hours of sleep). My favorite is the Super Sizer Fibers mascara from Covergirl.

7. // Lip Balm - As far as lips go, for school I don't think you need to wear anything heavy like lipstick or gloss. On an everyday basis, I usually just go for a regular lip balm - it moisturizes and gives my lips a little shine. My favorite is the lip repair by Aquaphor.

Extra: A cute makeup bag! This one is from Kate Spade, and I just love the stripes.



  1. I've learned a lot from your makeup tips over the last 12-18 months. And I love how natural, fresh, and pretty your usual look is!


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