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Block Island Bluffs


earrings (similar) // sweater // shirt (similar) // watch // jeans // shoes (similar)

According to the BI Historical Society (they have a great museum on the island if you're into history), the bluffs near Block Island's Southeast Lighthouse are some of the most dramatic in New England. While I haven't been to every bluff in the northeast, I can tell you that Block Island's are absolutely beautiful and they have an amazing view of the ocean. On my last day on the island, my brother and I walked from my grandma's house to the bluffs to take photos of the water, and we ended up snapping some pictures of my outfit as well.

You may be wondering why I'm wearing jeans in the middle of summer, but it was actually very cool on the island and the breeze on top of the bluffs made it a little chilly. I'm not crazy, I promise! You can easily swap the pants out with some white chino shorts if your area is too hot.



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