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Preppy School Supplies

I go back to school on Tuesday, and as I head into my junior year I really feel like I've finally figured out exactly what I need in terms of school supplies. I've already bought what I need for the year, and I thought I'd share some of my essentials!

1. // The Perfect Bag - This is my number one priority when looking for school supplies. You'll be using your backpack every day, so it's important to find one that's cute and functional! I adore these packs from Madeline & Co., but I also use and love this one from Eddie Bauer (p.s. - it has a lifetime warranty!).

2. // Notebooks - I like college ruled notebooks because I think they make my handwriting neater, and I always splurge a little on better quality notebooks (and I never buy the ones with paper covers!) because I need them to last all year! My go-to color choices are white and navy.

3. // InkJoy Gel Pens - Good pens are a must for me. I take lots of notes and I color-code all of them, so I need pens that write really smoothly and dry quickly. These InkJoy pens check all the boxes!

4. // Pencils - I love having adorable pencils; it motivates me to take them out and write with them! These pencils from Etsy are so cute, and they mention one of the preppiest girls on television - Blair Waldorf. What more could you want?

5. // Kate Spade Planners - I love the Lilly Pultizer agendas, but the Kate Spade planners have always won out with me, just because they are so classic and yet so functional. I love the gold and white polka dot, but they have lots of other patterns too! I use my planners religiously during the school year; there's no better way to keep track of everything in a busy schedule.

6. // Monogrammed Water Bottle - Staying hydrated is really important in school, and if you know me you know I can't resist putting monograms on absolutely everything. I love slicing up a few lemons and putting them in my bottle for a bit of extra flavor!

7 // Zebra Midliner - These are a hybrid between a marker and a highlighter, and they are absolutely essential for anyone who loves colorful notes.

How is school going for you?



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