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Get the Look: Uniform Classic

After class about a week ago, I was studying in my local Starbucks and I saw a girl walk in with the perfect casual-classic outfit. As I was making a mental note to emulate her pairing of a blue button down under a red crew neck sweatshirt, I realized that she was actually wearing her school uniform. Uniforms get mixed reviews - some people love them, others hate them. While some uniforms are admittedly not the most attractive, many others are undeniably fashionable, and you can borrow a lot of uniform fashion tenements for your own wardrobe.

The benefit, I think, of a uniform is that (if you have the right options) you always look polished. There is something very classic about a kaki skirt, loafers, and a button down. Today, I thought I would give you my thoughts on how to get that effortless look.

The Tenants of Uniform Fashion

1. The colors to wear are navy, khaki (as in the light tan!), white, emerald, and red. Brown is reserved for shoes.

2. Jeans are a no!

3. The go-to pattern? Tartan and/or plaid.

There seems to be nothing more quintessentially prep than the idea of going to an ivy league college (or really the concept of college in general). Rep the school of your choice - be it your parent's alma mater or your future university - with the classic crewneck college sweatshirt. Pair with a khaki or navy pleated skirt and loafers. For an extra touch, try a pinstripe button down under your sweatshirt and pop the collar over the neckline. Something to note; avoid hoodies or anything with a zipper to get the authentic look.

The button down shirtdress is an amazing piece that is under appreciated. The right one will be super flattering and effortless. Take it up a notch by tying a cable knit sweater around your waist or shoulders, and add your favorite watch, pearls, and loafers (the ultimate uniform shoe) to complete the look.

Chino pants are the uniform equivalent of jeans - comfortable, go with anything, and appropriate for (almost) every occasion. With a white polo, a less dressy version of the button down, and a pair of boat shoes you have a presentable but casual uniform-inspired outfit. For accessories, I added a rope bracelet from KJP in everyone's favorite combo of navy and emerald green.

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