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Five Essentials in a London Girl's Wardrobe

Maybe it's just me, but whenever I travel - especially overseas - I adore looking at people and what they're wearing. Fashion is such a unique thing to every person, but I definitely noticed patterns in what Londonites were wearing that were different from those in the US. After four days of observation, here's what I discovered were key pieces in every British woman's wardrobe:

1. The Perfect Crossbody

There were definitely a lot of tote bags in London but crossbody bags seemed to be much more universal. I saw endless varieties of different brands, sizes, and colors - most worn underneath an unbuttoned trench (see above). I also stumbled upon the Cambridge Satchel Company when I went shopping in Covent Gardens, and I'm in love with their brand philosophy and history. My favorite is their Cloud Bag - the scalloped flap is gorgeous.

2. The Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Trenches, especially Burberry trenches, were everywhere. I can see why - they're the perfect balance of fashion and function. They're lightweight enough to be comfortable in warm weather, but block the wind on chilly days, and they're often waterproof (which is essential when you live in a city known for its rain). On top of that, they look amazing. My favorites have tortoiseshell buttons and a belted waist.

3. Raybans

I was surprised to find that Rayban sunglasses are so popular across the pond. I saw lots of people sporting many of the same styles that are popular in the states (read: the clubmasters, originals, and aviators). Most of our days in the city were very sunny, but even on partly cloudy days, everyone in the city was always prepared for the sun with glasses.

4. The Skinny Jean

When I think about it, I don't remember seeing anyone wearing boot cut jeans. The women who were wearing jeans (which were a lot, especially on the weekends) opted instead for a classic skinny leg, which was often cuffed especially when paired with flats or chelsea boots.

5. The Chelsea Boot

I was honestly surprised that in all of my days in London, I didn't see one pair of Hunter rain boots. Now, this is probably due to the fact that it (miraculously?) didn't rain, but still - I expected to see at least someone with them on. They are the quintessential English footwear, are they not? However, what I did see were chelsea boots - and they were everywhere. They're definitely popular back in the states, but nowhere near the level that they seem to be in London. Like with the trench coat,  they check all the boxes for form and function, and I've even seen a few that are entirely waterproof.

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  1. I really love the crossbody! Such classy pieces which are always a staple.


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