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On a recent visit to Barnes and Noble, I stumbled across the art and fashion section and was immediately reminded of how much I love physical books. I don't read as much as I should (outside of required reading for class, that is), and when I do it's usually an ebook on my Kindle. However, there's something so inspiring and wonderful about having a real book in your hands, especially when it's a book with a gorgeous design.  After my visit, I went on a mad Amazon spree, adding all of the books I had seen in B&N to my wishlist and discovering more. I now have a Pinterest board of all the books I hope to one day own, check it out below!

Please let me know if you have any book suggestions!



  1. As a Seven Sisters alumna, I'm thrilled to see that book on your shelf! And while Seven Sisters women are definitely stylish, above all, we are strong, empowered, and intelligent. Bravo!


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