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Junior Prom

Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately! I just finished IB/AP exam season, and I had to take a break in order to study and try not to overload myself with stress. A wonderful end to exam season (for now! I still have finals in June -- ugh) was our Junior Prom, which was last Saturday night. It had rained for three days prior here in Northern VA, and the forecast was not looking promising on Friday night. However, when we woke up Saturday morning the weather had begun to clear, and it was cloudy but thankfully dry when we headed out for the night.

I spent the day leading up to prom with my friend Mary, and we had lots of laughs and maybe a few sing-alongs while getting ready. The dance itself was so much fun, and I loved seeing people all dressed up! Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous. My dress is from Macy's, and I wore Steve Madden heels (you can't see them in the pictures, but they're adorable black sandals with a tie at the ankle). My mother was kind enough to loan me her single-strand pearl necklace, and they were a perfect compliment to my own pearl earrings.

If you've had your prom already, I'd love to hear how it went!



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