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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Picks Under $100

The Lilly After Party Sale is here! This is definitely one of the most exciting fashion moments of the year for Lilly lovers, and it's a great time to stock up on amazing pieces that you may have missed from past collections (at amazing prices!). This year, the sale is even longer than usual - you have until Wednesday to shop. Though the sale is always super exciting, the sheer volume of items can be a little overwhelming even for a veteran shopper. To help remedy this, I thought I'd share some of my picks under $100 in case you're in need of a curated list of things to take a look at!

1. Buttercup Scallop Hem Short - I own one pair of these shorts and I love them. They are the perfect length and they fit like a dream; they never bunch up or slide around uncomfortably and the material is perfect for the summer heat. They're a great price right now, so I'd reccomend stocking up!

2. Cocoa Shorts - These are just so adorable! They only come in one pattern but I love the navy with pops of pink, and the tassels are just to die for. Pull on shorts like this pair are perfect for days when you want to look put together with minimal effort.

3. Renato Tunic - This tunic immediately caught my eye. The combination of blues and pink is gorgeous, and so elegant! The print is a little different for their recent lines, but you still get that distinctive color palette that tells you it's a Lilly piece. I love how it's a bit more understated yet still so stunning.

4. Linzy Top - Again, Lilly has me at tassels. That's really what sells me on this top - it's such a flattering cut that's easy and breezy for summer but the tassels are the little detail that give it an edge over the other tops Lilly is offering this year.

5. Elsa Romper - I love this new take on the cult classic Elsa top. Rompers are a quintessential summer go-to, so converting the Elsa into a romper is really a no-brainer! I love how it has long sleeves so it can easily transition you from summer days to chillier nights without batting an eye.

6. Short Sleeve Marlowe Dress - The Marlowe Dress is another cult favorite, but I like this short sleeve version a bit more because I think it's more versatile. This piece will lend itself to layering during the summer-to-fall transition, or wearing on its own during hot weather next season! The t-shirt cut is also perfect for dressing up or down, which makes it the perfect pick.

7. Lela Silk Dress - I'm a huge fan of Lilly's silk pieces. I bought a top from the sale last year and it's one of my favorites! The quality is particularly good on these pieces, and in my experience, they're cut beautifully and fit like they were made for you. This dress is easy, breezy, and makes me wish I had more summer!

Those are all my favorite pieces from this year's sale! Hope it helped give you a jumping-off point to begin browsing. If you're a first-time shopper (or even if you just need a refresher), here are my tips from last year that will help you get to know the process.

Happy shopping!



  1. Romper is so gorgeous! Makes me wish it was summer all year.


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