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sweater: J.Crew (vintage) // shirt: Old Navy // skirt: J.Crew // shoes: Old Navy // watch: Fossil // necklace: KJP (old, similar)

Once you get your first llama sweater, there's no going back.

This sweater essentially encapsulates everything that makes a piece of clothing exciting to me - a touch of quirkiness, a classic motif, and beautiful craftsmanship. When I saw it as I was second-hand shopping, I immediately added it to my cart. From the adorable llamas to the gorgeous jewel embellishments, what's not to love?

For a stroll through Georgetown, I paired it with a mustard yellow ruffle skirt from J.Crew. This was my first time wearing this skirt, and I was surprised to find that it really kept me warm despite the chilly day. I'm glad that J.Crew is bringing out more wool skirts this year; last year they didn't have as many options available, and cotton skirts just don't cut it for the middle of winter!

Under my llama sweater, I wore a simple chambray button down to add warmth without distracting from the sweater itself. My loafers are from Old Navy; they brought the same style they had last year back for this season. I love how the burgundy color matches perfectly with the llamas on the sweater. (side note - isn't it funny that my coffee cup happened to match my skirt? We stopped at The Bean Counter and it was one of the most delicious lattes I've ever had!).

As for jewelry, I kept it simple - just my pearls, tortoiseshell necklace from KJP, and Fossil watch. By the way, several of you have asked me about my watch on Instagram. It's from about four years ago, the style is the "Jacqueline" watch in gold. For a while, you weren't able to buy it online - but recently I discovered that some Fossil retailers have brought it back in a limited quantity. I've linked it below if you want to have a look!



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