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Talbots Picks for the Holidays

Talbots is really undergoing a renaissance lately, and I'm loving it.

For a long time, Talbots wasn't on my radar fashion-wise. I've always known about the brand, but for some reason, I just assumed I wasn't its target audience and never really looked at what the Talbots team had to offer. Wow, was that a mistake on my part! Last year, I received a pair of their corduroys for Christmas and was blown away by the fit and quality.

Since then, I haven't purchased anything else but I've been keeping my eye on what's going on over at Talbots. Recently, their creative talent has just knocked it out of the park. The fall/winter collection is absolutely to die for! I'm seeing them channel J.Crew and Kate Spade, but with the addition of signature Talbots practicality and simplified elegance that is just unparalleled by any other brand's collection this season.

I don't usually write about specific brands and their collections, but this line just strikes a chord with me. The amount of detail in each piece and the overall cohesion of the line is truly impressive. I especially love the gorgeous gold buttons that appear on many of their pieces, from their boots to the houndstooth skirt I featured above. It's these little motifs that turn something ordinary into a charming piece that's exciting to have in your wardrobe!

I've selected a few of my personal favorite pieces to share today that I think are unique to Talbots' line this year. I kept the upcoming holiday season in mind - these would work wonderfully either as a gift or as a part of your own wardrobe for the season. Talbots prices are definitely up there, but thankfully, they run lots of sales. I wouldn't recommend investing in anything at full price - wait until a sale comes around (chances are, it won't be very long!).

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