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Snow Day

sweater: J.Crew (old, similar) // skirt: Kiel James Patrick // scarf: vintage (similar) // coat: L.L. Bean (old, similar) // ring: KJP // bracelet: KJP (similar) // watch: Fossil // boots: L.L. Bean // socks: L.L. Bean

Winter break has officially started! I'm so happy to have some time off, even though I'm still keeping busy. I've set up a schedule this week to get all of my work done (college apps, IB extended essay, IB internal assessments, the list goes on...), so that I can relax for my final week at home. I refuse to be stressed and working over Christmas!

Last week we had a white weekend, which was a great sendoff to the holidays. I love the snow; who was it that said: "snow erases the sins of man"? I think of that every time we get wintry weather. I love seeing everything blanketed in white, especially at night. Have you ever noticed how snowy nights are so quiet? It's beautiful. 

During the day, I went for a walk with my mom by a pond near our house. It had been snowing for the entire day and the ground was totally covered. Days like this really call for Bean Boots, so of course, I wore them paired with a pair of camp socks. This is the fool-proof formula for warm toes on cold days, especially if your boots aren't lined like mine (it just doesn't get cold enough in VA to warrant the lining!). Earlier in the day, I saw my best friend's ballet recital, so I was a little bit more dressed-up than I normally would be for a snowy walk. I wore a KJP flannel skirt (which is adorable! I love the name -- this one is called "Cookies and Eggnog"), a cable knit turtleneck sweater, and some thick winter tights to keep my legs warm. When we decided to leave for our impromptu walk, I threw on my coat and a scarf to add an extra layer. For accessories, I just left what I had from the recital - my usual Fossil watch, KJP pearl bracelet, and sailor's knot ring.

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Have you gotten any snow this season?



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