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Stepping into Eighteen

Today is my 18th Birthday! It feels funny to have it on a Tuesday, but we stretched out birthday festivities to fit with our weeknight schedule and it ended up feeling like an extended birthday week (which I'll never complain about!).

On Saturday night, my family and I enjoyed a pre-birthday dinner. I wanted a Thanksgiving Part II, as Thanksgiving food is my favorite, and my parents were kind enough to make a delicious meal. Sunday afternoon my best friend Mary and I went into the city to see the Washington Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker. I had never been to see the Washington Ballet, but I have to say it was magical! I loved the performance; everything from the detailed costumes to the intricate and delicate stage design (pictured above) was truly incredible. Since the ballet is more formal, I wanted to dress up while staying comfortable. I opted for a white sweater over a flouncy plaid skirt from last season and tassel mules. My mom gave me the idea to leave the sweater untucked, which I love!

But of course, no outfit could compare to the beautiful atmosphere of the Warner Theater. If you're ever in DC, I would definitely recommend paying a visit to see a show. The lobby alone is worth the trip!

Tonight, we had Thai food and coffee cake (a birthday tradition for me!). Since I went from vegetarianism to veganism this past year, my mom was a star and researched a vegan coffee cake recipe so I could have some. It was delicious! She also made an amazing vegan dark chocolate cake with white icing on Saturday night.

Last year was filled with memories, and I'm so excited for the many new changes and opportunities this upcoming year will bring - both foreseen (going to college, moving away from my home for the first time, studying something I love), and unexpected. I'm so lucky to have amazing friends and family, and while I'm sad to leave them soon, I know goodbye is not forever.  On the blog, I'm looking forward to new content and another fun year ahead!



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