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2018 Goals

Cheers to the new year!

2017 was certainly one for the books. I visited London and Amsterdam, spent a month studying away from home, made memories during the first half of my senior year, and survived college application season. Now it's time to look ahead to the new year!

1. Traveling Abroad

My family and I have a trip to Ireland booked for April this year! I'm so thrilled to be going abroad again. Our itinerary isn't totally solid yet, so if you have any suggestions for things to see I would really appreciate them. I'm especially excited to see the Cliffs of Moore (I know, cliche but still - what a sight!) and the Gap of Dunloe. Stay tuned as the departure date gets closer for some travel-related content. If anyone's interested, I would love to write some posts about how/what I'm packing and my shopping strategy to pick up items I'll need (namely, a good rain jacket since my current one isn't in the best shape).

2. Video Content on the Blog

One of my Christmas presents this year from my parents was an amazing new Nikon camera. You'll have already seen it in action in my last outfit post; the photo quality is beautiful -- but maybe the thing that I'm most excited about is the video capability. I've always thought about expanding the blog into some video content (there are some things that are just more conducive with a video than a blog post), and now that the option is there for me, I'm excited to give it a try. I still have to teach myself how to film/edit/embed videos, but keep an eye out for some different formats in the year to come!

3. Graduation and College

It feels so unreal that 2018 is finally here. 365 days from now, I will have: a. Graduated from high school, b. Chosen a college, c. Enrolled and moved in to said college, and d. Finished my first semester there. That's a crazy amount of change to happen in just a year. But, I'm so ready to embark in this new chapter of my life!

1. Learn New Healthy Recipes

I love cooking, and over winter break I've been digging into a new vegan cookbook I got for my birthday. In the new year, I want to cook for myself more and learn new healthy recipes that nourish my body and taste amazing too!

2. Save for my College Dorm

Decorating my dorm is something I've been looking forward to for a very long time. It's important to me that the place I live in feels like a home and inspires me. I've already planned out my decor theme and collected a list of things I'll need to purchase to pull the room together; my goal for the year is to save in order to make my plans a reality! Look out for dorm-related posts coming soon. 

3. Drink more Water

I think a lot of people probably have this same goal, but I really need to follow through. For Christmas this year by best friend bought me one of the gorgeous copper Starbucks 24 oz tumblers; since then I've been filling it up with water and trying to drink at least two, if not three of them per day. I've already noticed a huge difference in my skin, and I feel much more alert and awake. It's something I'm aiming to continue throughout the year and to make a habit!

4. Be Creative with my Style

This year I want to really push myself to be creative in mixing, matching, layering and combining the clothing I have to make new outfit combinations. It's something that I really enjoy, and I want to make a conscious effort to think outside the box and expand my wardrobe's outfit capacity with the pieces I already have.

I wish you the best New Year! Thank you so much for reading and supporting Brunettes and Pearls in 2017 (it means the world). Stick around for an exciting year to come.



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