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My Jewelry Collection and Storage

Early last year, I wrote a post about my jewelry essentials, and I mentioned that I wanted to slowly build up my collection. Well, since then I've picked up several more pieces and I finally feel like my jewelry collection is coming to a place where it fulfills all my everyday needs. In the past month or so I've gotten a few requests to show you all my entire collection. Today I'm going to deliver!

It's no secret that I love Kiel James Patrick (or KJP, for short). Their jewelry is high-quality, made in the USA, and perfectly matches my style. I'm a huge fan of their pearl line, in particular (which probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone!).

Kendra Scott is another jewelry brand which I love not only for their pieces but for their brand's ethos. It's a woman-owned company that makes philanthropy a priority. As a whole, the brand feels to be very connected to their customers and committed to giving back, which is amazing, especially for a billion-dollar company. And, of course, their designs are just gorgeous! They have a really fun feature called "color bar" which allows you to mix and match metals and stones to customize your own pieces. It's fun to do online, but it's even better in stores - most locations have a touch screen on the wall where you can create your own piece that will arrive minutes later via a lovely employee, who puts it together right in front of you. The future is here!

Finally, I have to mention J.Crew and Kate Spade. You'll see that these two brands make up the minority of my jewelry collection, but I consistently love the pieces they come out with (even if I don't end up buying them). J.Crew Factory is my go-to place for statement necklaces and jewelry at a great price. These pieces don't need to break the bank, especially since many of them won't be your everyday jewelry and therefore don't have to be of as high a quality.

Click the links below to shop my collection. For most of the items, I've found the same piece online or linked a similar option that's currently in stock.


KJP Serena Fairchild Necklace
KJP Kennedy Grace Necklace
KJP Queen B Necklace (my necklace is the older, blue ribbon color, but this one is very similar)
KJP Tortoise Shell Belle Necklace (old, similar linked)
Monogram Necklace
Vintage Ruby Necklace
Chrysoprase Necklace
Anthropologie Rose Gold Necklace
J.Crew Brown and Green Statement Necklace (old)
J.Crew White Statement Necklace (old, similar linked)

Kendra Scott Elaina Bracelet (gold + emerald cat's eye)
Kendra Scott Elton Bracelet (rose gold + ivory mother of pearl)
KJP Pearl Bracelet (old, similar linked)
J.Crew Factory Link Bracelet


Claddagh Ring (mine was made custom, but the same jeweler has options on Etsy which I've linked)
Kate Spade Bow Ring (old)
Vintage Crystal Ring
Vintage Ruby Ring


Vintage Pearl Studs
J.Crew Tortoise Circle Earrings (old, similar linked)
Rose Gold Knot Earrings (old)
Kate Spade Bow Earrings (old)
J.Crew Factory Crystal Earrings (old)
Vintage Crystal Stud Earrings


What are your favorite jewelry pieces? Also, if you have any suggestions for places where I could find that acrylic tray I spoke about in the video, let me know!



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