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My Style Icons

Style "icons" are something I think we all have, whether we realize it or not. The word "icon" implies that these figures must be famous, glamorous celebrities or moguls. They certainly can be any of those things, but in my opinion, they don't always have to. Your style icon can be the upperclassman girl you look for in the hallways because she always wears the best outfits, your uber-stylish grandma, or even someone you follow online.

Today I'll be sharing some of my own style icons. These are women whose outfits I draw inspiration from and who have helped to shape my personal style.

Lee Radziwill is the lovely younger sister of a woman we all know and love - Jackie Kennedy. Today at least, I feel like many people overlook Lee in favor of Jackie. However, this definitely wasn't always the case. In her day, Lee was almost equally as famous, especially after Jackie rose into the spotlight. Like her sister, Lee was well known for her sense of style, but her tastes were more playful and relaxed. For that reason, I find her style especially iconic; she's truly the master of "effortless elegance"!

Catherine Deneuve is the opposite of effortless elegance - her style is all about perfectly structured glamour. I am continually in awe of her hair; there hardly exists a photo of her in which it isn't perfectly styled (and usually accessorized!). Her love of headbands and neck scarves inspired my own. While I love sixties style, Catherine is definitely one of the few icons from that era whose clothes I would actually wear today. 

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Many of you probably know of Sarah Vickers, the co-founder of Kiel James Patrick and the author of her own blog. For me, her style epitomizes "New England classic". It never looks overdone or out of place. I also love her creative layering; she's taught me a lot about how to pair pieces in combinations that I wouldn't have initially thought would go well together. She also has a fabulous sweater collection!

To me, C.Z. Guest has always seemed like the closest thing to American royalty. Her style (both lifestyle and clothing style) is best summed up as opulent. Even her most casual outfits still somehow look put-together. Her eye for detail, heavy fabrics, and perfect tailoring are major influences on my own style, especially when I'm selecting special occasion outfits. I also love how she is able to be casual (and presumably comfortable) with a pair of shorts and flats, yet still, add small touches like a matching cardigan to elevate her look.

What are your style icons? I'd love to know who inspires you. 



  1. I LOVE this post! I find myself inspired by Jackie Kennedy, Sarah Vickers, and Audrey Hepburn. All of them have timeless looks that I try to emulate :)

    1. Thank you!! <3 I love Jackie and Audrey too!


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