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button down: J.Crew // necklace: KJP (one of my favorites! also comes in other ribbon colors) // pearl earrings: vintage // pants: J.Crew // shoes: Banana Republic // headband: J.Crew Factory (old, similar) // trench: L.L.Bean // bag: Camebridge Satchel Company

These lace pants are absolutely one of the best purchases I've made from J.Crew. They're comfortable and such a gorgeous color. Since they're such a statement on their own, I wanted to pair them with something simple. I settled on this blue and white pinstripe button down. J.Crew and Polo Ralph Lauren make my favorite button downs; there really is a huge difference in their tailoring and cut. They just fit so much better, and they also wash really well (I often don't even need to iron my Polo button downs, just throw in the washing machine and hang to dry and they look great). As a plus, you can almost always find them second hand and in excellent condition.

My shoes may look familiar... they're actually the same loafers I wore in this and this post in gold! I love these scalloped loafers so much, and I've been thinking about picking them up in another color to give my brown loafers a rest (I wear them almost too much!). When I got a Banana Republic gift card for my birthday I added them to my cart right away and hit checkout. I'm so glad I picked them up, they're surprisingly versatile for being a bright color. For reference, they're definitely more of a cool-toned gold rather than a warm gold, similar to the platinum Jack Rogers. The scallop detailing adds the extra touch that is so unique and drew me to my original pair last fall.

Finally, let's talk about this necklace from KJP. I love this design. The bow is so darling, and the length - sitting a little lower than most of their other necklaces - is perfect for layering over a button down. I've been waiting to feature this in a post since I first purchased it, but as I was putting this outfit together I realized how perfectly the blue bow matched the stripes. It was meant to be, right?

Now for the title of this post. You'll have to excuse the pun, I really couldn't help it haha! The book that I'm holding (and that I've been racing through this past week) is How they Decorated: Inspiration from Great Women of the Twentieth Century by P. Gaye Tapp. This is such a fascinating read. There's something so personal about getting to see the inside of someone's home, and how a space is decorated tells a lot about the person who lives there. I loved getting a dose of art, history, and inspiration from reading about women from Pauline de Rothschild to Sybil Connoly. Plus, the design of the book and the full-color glossy photos are stunning. I would definitely recommend picking How They Decorated up (or giving it as a gift).

I'd love your book recommendations as well! Looking for my next read.



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