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Ten January Favorites

1 // Essie "Between the Seats"

This has been my favorite nail polish allll month. This is the perfect nude for winter - not too cool-toned (those tend to make my hands look dead), but not overly warm, either. It's gotten to the point where I definitely need to purchase a new one, since I've had to use that trick where you pour a little acetone into the polish to make it spreadable again.

2 // Tory Burch Riding Boots

I've mentioned these time and time again, but they really have been such a staple for me this month. Lately I've oscillated between my riding boots and my Hunters depending on the weather. I am a loafer girl at heart, but even I have to concede to wearing boots when the weather gets below 30 degrees. These go with everything and are excellent quality. I will definitely have to give them a polish soon, though!

3 // Camp Socks

Everyone is probably sick of me saying/writing "camp socks", but I swear they are such a blessing during the winter time. I'll say no more, only that you must get a pair (from J.Crew, L.L.Bean or your favorite store) if you live in a cold climate.

4 // My New Agenda and Notebook

Early in January, I set out on a quest to get a new agenda for 2018. I ended up settling on this one from Kate Spade, and also acquired this adorable notebook from the brand as well. Both have been so helpful organizationally; perhaps most surprising is how often I use my notebook. I've never been much of a journaler, but I love writing down lists, making plans, and taking notes (especially during my college visits this month) all in one place.

5 // Oh She Glows Cookbook

Some of you may know that I've been vegetarian for around five years now, and last year I went vegan. This cookbook has been an amazing resource for delicious recipes, all of which are vegan-friendly! My mom has been experimenting with it a lot lately, and all of the recipes she's tried have come out amazing. Even my brothers (meat-lovers at heart) approve.

6 // Starbucks Tumbler

For Christmas, my best friend Mary got me a gorgeous copper tumbler from Starbucks (in the 24 oz size), and it's barely left my side all month. One of my new year's resolutions is to drink more water, so I am trying to drink at least two full tumblers per day. Something about that system just makes it seem much more manageable, and I've been drinking way more water than I usually do!

7 // Pom Pom Sweater from Talbots

This is the last time I'm going to mention this sweater, I promise! Simply put, it's one of my favorites this month. Warm, perfect for layering, and adorable - what's not to love?

8 // Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener

On a whim, I bought a container of this off of Amazon. It got amazing reviews as a natural teeth whitener, so I decided to give it a chance. Honestly, it really does work! It's also just fun to have really black teeth while you're brushing with this, haha. Just don't make the mistake that I did and put too much on your toothbrush the first time you use it - you will inhale some, and you will cough up a lung in the process.

9 // Nike Tennis Shoes

Come tennis season, I essentially destroy my shoes. Last year's pair has a hole in the toe if that gives you a clue as to how rough I am on them! I've had the same style for two years now and loved it, but sadly Nike discontinued it this year. Instead, I bought the newer version, and I love how the white looks! I haven't played in them yet, so I'm sure the white won't last long - but they're insanely comfortable, and Nike tennis shoes have always served me well.

10 // My Claddagh Ring

My mom's side of the family is Irish (there are seven redheads in my family), and ever since I was younger I've wanted a Claddagh ring like the one my mom used to have. For my 18th birthday, she commissioned a jeweler in Dublin to make one for me; after some measurements and adjustments to make the ring perfect, it finally arrived at my doorstep in early January! I haven't taken it off since, and I love having a piece of my heritage.

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College Visits

Last weekend, my mom and I took a flight up to Chicago to visit Northwestern University and Notre Dame. Both were simply gorgeous; I don't want to give too many details (no jinxing!), but suffice it to say that I loved every minute. College visits are so motivating for me; whenever I come home from one I'm ready to jump back into schoolwork with the end goal of being on the campus of an incredible university next year, surrounded by equally passionate and curious students.

Second Semester of Senior Year!

We're half way there!!! March (decision season) seems so, so close now. After months of blood, sweat, and tears to pull my first semester grades together, my official transcript is now sent out. I have a moment to breathe, finally, before jumping full-force into IB exam season. I'm cherishing every moment of blissful free time!

Patti from @classicsbythesea

I love Patti's instagram! Her style is always so perfectly thought out, and she is truly an expert at layering. She's also a huge lover of wearing Lilly in the winter, which is making me want to pull my Lilly pieces out of summer storage. I've taken inspiration for more than a few outfits from her!

Krista from Covering the Bases

Krista has always been one of my favorite bloggers. We're the same size, and while her style is a little more metropolitan than mine, I love her work-chic outfits. She also has a really cool day job - she works for Major League Baseball! A total girl boss.

That's been everything and everyone I've been loving this month! I'd love to know what things stuck out for you from January, and I wish you a very exciting Februrary.



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