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Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

Valentine's day is just a week away!

Personally, I'm about in the middle when it comes to opinions on Valentine's day. I'm not against it at all, but it's also not a holiday that I actively look forward to. However, I will admit that any excuse to get dressed up in pink and red is one I'll gladly take.

Like many holidays, there's a huge range of ways that people celebrate Valentine's day, everything from nothing at all to going out to a fancy dinner. With that in mind, I've put together something similar to what I did for Thanksgiving last year, with three different outfits for varying activites (roughly in order of least formal to most formal). I had a ton of fun styling these with Valentine's colors in mind; I hope you enjoy and perhaps find some inspiration when creating your look for the day!

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine's Day outfit inspiration, and that you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Let me know what you'll be wearing!



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