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Classic Spring Color Palette

Spring hasn't actually sprung (as I'm writing this it's still 38 degrees outside), but I'm mentally ready for the warm weather and the return of the leaves. I recently read Sarah Vickers's post on her spring wardrobe over on Classy Girls Wear Pearls, and it put spring on my mind. While I love the rich jewel tones of fall/winter, there's something so appealing about the bright colors of the warm seasons, especially when you're permanently attached to a space heater like I am at the moment. Today I thought I would share the colors that I'm seeing as brands roll out their spring collections, and which shades are a mainstay in my spring/summer wardrobe year after year.

Blush pink is everywhere this spring. It's always been a popular color with the return of warmer weather, but this year retailers are really putting an emphasis on it. Personally, I much prefer blush to other pinks - I think its warm undertones are a lot more flattering on my skin tone than cooler shades of pink.

I'm loving the mixture of pastel and darker shades of blush; J.Crew has been filling their newest arrivals with variations of the color and I think their design team has done a great job of staying true to classic cuts and shades. Madewell also recently updated their small transport crossbody with new shades and the warm pink they brought out is a stunning, fresh neutral that can take you all the way through summer. I'll definitely be adding a piece or two to my wardrobe for the season!

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower, and unsurprisingly hydrangea blue is by far my favorite spring/summer color. It's actually embarrassing how much blue there is hanging in my closet once I get my warm-weather clothes out of storage! We see this shade return year after year, both on its own and incorporated into patterns like classic blue gingham. 

Out of all three colors I've featured here, this is the best color to invest in - it's a wardrobe workhorse with the versatility of a neutral while being light and appropriate for the warm seasons. Many of my cotton button-downs are in this shade, and they work perfectly with so many different color combinations in the summer.

Yellow is another color that we see return again and again, but this season it appears that pastel yellow has been cast out in favor of her brighter, slightly darker sister - marigold. This is a welcome change for me; while I love pastel yellow I'll be the first to admit that it definitely washes me out. 

Marigold is the everygirl's yellow, it's flattering on both warm and cool skin tones and has an undeniable cheeriness that makes me instantly think of a spring. Another plus of marigold over pastel yellow? Marigold can take you into summer, while pastel tones can seem a bit dull come the summer months, especially when we're all tanned and glowing (can you tell I'm reminiscing?). 
For colors to be truly versatile in your wardrobe, you need to be able to pair them with at least a few different neutrals to create balanced outfits. This spring/summer, my neutrals of choice will likely be light cream and navy blue. Brands have really been pushing these shades in their color schemes for the new season, and I think they work wonderfully together! Hydrangea can also act as a neutral for many outfits, and of course, all of these shades look great with a crisp white as well. 

What colors are you incorporating into your wardrobe this spring?



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