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 sweater: J.Crew (old, also like this version) // skirt: Kate Spade (old, similar color) // bag: Longchamp (color no longer available) // sunglasses: Amazon (dupes of the Karen Walker sunglasses) // shoes: Sam Edleman (old, similar) // pearls: vintage // claddagh ring: The Irish Jewelers

Spring, is that you?? All last week, the forecast predicted that we would get hit with yet another Nor'easter this weekend. However, the day that I shot this (last Sunday, since this post will go up on Wednesday) was actually sunny and warm enough to be comfortable without a coat! I'm hoping that this is a weather trend that will stick around; so far we haven't consistently been into the 50s, but as long as we're in the 40s things are moving in a very springy direction and I'm loving it.

In honor of the upcoming season, I brought out one of my favorite transitional outfits: a lightweight sweater paired with a knee-length skirt. This combo is warm (especially if you wear a wool sweater) but also feels very springy.

Today, I wore this spotted skirt from Kate Spade. It looks white in some light, but it's actually a light blush pink color (see my previous post about classic spring colors!) with black spots that remind me of dalmatian print. This, of course, instantly brings to mind 101 Dalmatians, which was my favorite Disney movie growing up. Yet another point in the skirt's favor! After searching for over a year, I bought this piece second-hand a few months ago with the intention of adding it to my spring/summer wardrobe. Much like leopard print, I find that this quasi-dalmatian print can act very much like a neutral.

I'm also wearing my gray sweater with pearlized embellishments on the neckline. Don't quote me on this, but I believe it's from J.Crew's winter 2014 line. I bought it second-hand (predictable, I know!) last year and I've worn it a lot, especially during the early spring season. Because it's a 3/4 sleeve I think it's a little too cold to wear during the winter, but it works great as a transitional piece or thrown on during a chilly summer night.

To carry all my extras, I'm bringing back out another spring staple for me: my Longchamp. This is one of my favorite bags, and one I don't think I'll ever be able to part with. I bought it at the Longchamp store in Rome when I visited my grandparents three years ago, so it carries amazing memories with it. I wear it all the time during the spring/summer, both for its bright color and for how practical it is. This was one of two totes I brought with me to London and Amsterdam last year and it fits all the essentials and then some. Today I stowed a blazer inside it in case I got cold; thankfully the weather was so nice I didn't need it!

Finally, my shoes. These shoes are amazing. I've been searching for a dupe for the Chanel classic cap-toe pumps for what feels like forever. Vaneli makes a really popular version but at over $100 a pair they were still outside my budget. I ended up scoring these Sam Edelman shoes second-hand in practically perfect condition, which was an amazing find as they're made of genuine leather and are a spot-on dupe. I actually prefer the leather version to Vaneli's dupe (which is canvas), and it's closer to the look of the original Chanel pair. These are so comfortable, add a bit of height and just make you feel effortlessly elegant.

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