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Friday Roundup #4

It's been a while since I wrote a Friday Roundup post, but I love reading these types of posts so I'm bringing it back! Here's what I've been loving this past week. 

1. Visiting my College

I've finally figured out where I'll be spending the next four years of my life and I honestly couldn't be more excited for this new adventure. Last week I spent some time on campus with my potential classmates and I met so many unique, interesting, and amazing people and learned all about the incredible opportunities that are in store in my future program! And, of course, I picked out plenty of college gear to add to my wardrobe. After avoiding buying spirit wear at all of my college visits until I decided on the college, I'm now going (a little) crazy. Cest la vie, I suppose?

2.  Wardrobe Switchout

Last Sunday, I fully switched out my wardrobe from fall/winter into spring/summer. In the process, I went through all of my items and culled those that don't fit, aren't my style, or just don't get enough wear. It felt great to clear out my wardrobe, reorganize, and to see all of my summery pieces hanging on the rack!

3.  New Music

If you know me, you know my music tastes are eclectic to say the least. I truly listen to everything from Korean pop to country, with metal and punk rock being the only exceptions. There have been some amazing new music releases lately; I've been listening to No Drama by Tinashe, Cardi B's new album Invasion of Privacy, and Ashely Monroe's beautiful album Sparrow on repeat. I've also been enjoying the new collab between Kahlid and Billie Eilish!

4.  Planning my Dorm

This sort of goes along with #1 but... you guys, I found a roomie and she is amazing. We have almost identical tastes in decor and style, and she is so similar to me in terms of organization and planning as well! I have a great feeling that we'll be a wonderful fit as roommates next year. It's such a relief to know who you'll be sharing your space with, and even more exciting to find someone who is as eager as you are to decorate that space and really make it feel like a home. We've made a collaborative Pinterest board to begin planning out each detail in advance, although we're not sure yet exactly which college house we'll be placed in. If she's alright with it, I'll definitely be sharing photos from our decor process and the finished dorm, although obviously, that's a ways away!

5. Getting my Macbook Back 

Some of you may have picked up on this if you've been keeping up with my Instagram stories, but my Macbook has been in "rehab" for the past three weeks. It's been a long, arduous saga with this laptop (lesson learned: just don't buy touch bar Macbook Pros, it's not worth it), but I finally got it back last Tuesday and I'm so happy. As much as I'm not pleased with Apple at the moment, I really can't deny that my Macbook honestly improves my functionality, and there are some things I just can't do on my old Surface Pro that I was using while the Mac was being repaired. Long story short, welcome back Mac, and please don't die on me again!

How has your week been? 



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