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Friday Roundup #5

1. Prom!

I'll be brief, as I just spoke about prom in my last post (see it here!). In short, it was an amazing night and I had so much fun laughing, dancing, and getting dressed up with my friends and my class. Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous!  

2. Tennis Senior Night

I had my HS tennis senior night (our last home game) on Tuesday and it was such a wonderful and bittersweet celebration. I feel like "bittersweet" describes so many of my senior events -- it's wonderful to celebrate the past four years and all the friendships and memories I've made on the team, but so sad to know that I'll be leaving my girls so soon.

3. Narcos

Last weekend I was staying over at a family friend's home to take care of their adorable puppy scout while they were away. I thought that this downtime would be the perfect opportunity to start a new show. I'd heard a lot of good things about Narcos, so I decided to give it a try (I love dramas/true crime so it seemed like the perfect fit!). Three hour-long episodes later and I'm totally hooked. In hindsight, maybe it wasn't such a great plan to get into a series during exam season...?

4. My Grad Dress

I've found my grad dress! When I ordered this dress online a week or two ago it felt early to me, but now I've realized that we only have a month until we walk across the stage -- eek!! The dress I bought is classic (so I can wear it again), made of linen to keep me cool during the June heat, and of course white. You know I also had to add a bit of personality, so I chose one with adorable bows on the shoulders. 

5. Grad Party Ideas

I've set the date for my grad party, and it's less than a month away. That is crazy and way too soon!! My mom and I have started planning; we want the event to be casual but with decorations and food that incorporate my school. It's actually been such a fun process brainstorming ideas for the party. You can see my grad party Pinterest board here!

Hope your week has been wonderful!



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