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Let's Go to the Beach

swimsuit: J.Crew (top, similar bottoms) // cover-up: Kiel James Patrick // sunglasses: Karen Walker // claddagh ring: The Irish Jewelers // monogram necklace: Etsy

When you visit New England in June, you have to be prepared for some cloudy days. As long as it's not raining, however (and sometimes even if it is), you'll find most people going about their days even when the sun isn't out. Like my grandma likes to say: "if you wait for the perfect day, it's never going to happen!". Now, I love being on the beach more than anything, so even when it's not your typical "beach day" weather I still enjoy taking a good book and sitting out on the sand for a few hours. There's something so peaceful about sitting by the water and I love to watch the whitecap waves if it's the day before a storm comes through. On one partly cloudy day during this trip, Mary and I ended up walking along the stretch of beach from town to State Beach (unfortunately we didn't account for high tide and ended up having to climb over rocks at one narrow point to avoid getting washed away... oops). It was so nice to just be on the beach, even though we weren't laying out in the sun!

When the weather can't make up its mind, a cover-up is a must. This year I decided to bring along this white oxford shirtdress by Kiel James Patrick with the intention of using it as both a cover-up and, if necessary, a true shirtdress for an evening out. I've had this dress for a few years and I'm honestly shocked that I'd never thought to do that before! It made an adorable coverup and, since it's long, it kept me from getting chilly on cloudy beach days. If you have a similar piece in your wardrobe, I would definitely recommend bringing it along on your summer beach trips (especially to NE!).  

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