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Back-to-School Organzation: Agendas

The planner: a busy academic's holy book. Agendas are a crucial tool for any student, but finding one that perfectly matches your individual needs in a sea of options can be overwhelming. I've rounded up a few suggestions - some of which I've used myself, and others which come recommended from others - to hopefully provide a starting point for your own search for your next agenda!

1. Erin Condren Academic Planner 

I've heard a lot of good things about the Erin Condren life planners online, and although I've never tried one myself, I can certainly see why their academic planner would be a great choice. The pages have a simple weekly layout with a to-do list for each day and lines to write assignments/events. Another big advantage of this planner is that it's undated, meaning that you can write in the weeks/days and if you skip a week you aren't wasting space! You can also personalize the cover, which is always a plus.

2. Kate Spade Agenda

A Kate Spade agenda saw me through senior year of high school; it was exactly what I needed and kept me on top of everything in my schedule. In my opinion, the Kate Spade agendas are underrated; I don't see many people using them, but they're honestly great! They have a simply weekly layout with monthly calendars. One thing to note is the size - they're on the smaller side, which could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on whether you're someone who tends to write a lot in your agenda, or if you value something that's compact and portable.

3. Day Designer Flagship Academic Planner

My best friend (who is an organization queen) bought this planner for next year and loves it. The Day Designer is a definite cult favorite, and as the name suggests, it gives you daily pages on which you can plan out your day hour by hour as well as keep track of to-dos. There's also a daily gratitude section, which I think is a great addition!

4. Day Designer x Blue Sky Academic Planner

If you (like me) are not totally ready to drop $60 on a flagship Day Designer yet, I would highly recommend checking out their collaboration with Blue Sky. The collection is much more accessible than the original planners, as it's available at Target, Staples, and Office Depot -- so you can see the planners yourself before purchasing. There are several different options, but the one I chose for myself this upcoming school year is a daily agenda (the most similar model to the flagship Day Designer). So far, I'm loving it!

5. Prep Avenue Planners

These are a new addition to the academic planner market, designed by Shannon from the Prep Avenue blog with artwork by the talented Evelyn Henson. I seriously considered purchasing one of these for myself; Shannon designed them specifically with the busy student in mind. These seem like a hybrid between the Day Designer and Lilly planners, so if you find yourself torn between the two, definitely take a look at what Prep Avenue has to offer.

6. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Another student cult classic! I love the look and functionality of these agendas. They follow a similar format to the Kate Spade planners, with a monthly calendar and weekly sections. The dimensions of the Lilly agendas are larger than that of the Kate Spade version, however, so if you need more space I would highly recommend looking into these! And, of course, you have your pick of bright and happy patterns to choose from.



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