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top: J.Crew // jeans: J.Crew // monogram necklace: Etsy // shoes: Coach (old, similar) // watch: Fossil // pearl bracelet: vintage // rope bracelet: KJP (Block Island exclusive, similar)

This is the last reminiscing post from Block Island (I promise!), but I had to share this adorable rugby top from J.Crew's new collection. I got this shirt back in May when Crew had an insane $8.99 shirt sale -- I know, it was totally crazy. As a side note, I'm not really sure what J.Crew is doing with their sale schedule. In May several of their tops, including this rugby shirt, went on sale for between $8.99 and somewhere around $20 (for reference, this shirt was originally sold for $59.50). I wasn't complaining about getting an amazing deal, but the very next day all of the shirts went back up to their original prices. Anyways, I digress -- it just struck me as odd! 

Regardless of the pricing, this rugby top is fab and I can't wait to continue wearing it straight through the awkward not-quite-fall-not-quite-summer weather we'll be getting come September. Even better, Crew has brought this back into their main collection, which means it's here to stay (in new colors!) through the fall. The material is a thicker knit which gives structure to the loose cut. For sizing reference, I went up to a medium to give it a slightly oversized look -- perfect for tucking into a pair of jeans or shorts. My rugby top was a mainstay throughout my trip to Block Island; the photos above were from our travel-home day, when I paired it with vintage straight jeans and some comfy espadrilles. These jeans are, admittedly, a little too distressed for my liking. They actually started out significantly less ripped than you see them here - then, in a tragic turn of events, I caught my foot through the knee when I was putting them on and caused the hole to about double in size. A moment of silence for this pair of jeans.


Ok, that's enough haha. Seriously, though, I really tried with these jeans. I even sewed them up before I left for vacation (jean surgery, anyone?) to attempt to get them back to the way they were. But, alas, they ended up re-ripping when I wore them on the island, and by the last day they were back in the state you see them. I still haven't gotten rid of them, and honestly, I'll probably attempt to sew them up again. They're just so comfortable - by far the softest jeans I own. I can sense that I'm about to enter into a sad cycle of sew, re-rip, sew, etc. The things we do for our jeans! 

Regardless, I've linked both these jeans and the rugby top below if you want to shop either!

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