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Coats for Cold Weather: My Picks

It's the time of year again when we have to start thinking about pulling our coats out of storage, brushing them off (maybe giving them a good dry clean) and welcoming them back as one of our everyday essentials. A well-designed coat can make or break your winter wardrobe, both in terms of its functionality and appearance. Everyone wants a coat that's both warm and stylish, especially since this is a piece you'll be wearing on the daily.

Coats are also a classic investment item where (generally) price directly correlates with quality. If you buy the right ones for your wardrobe, they'll last you years. A coat is definitely not something you'll need to purchase each season! I'm of the belief that you only really need 2-3 coats in a wardrobe. Obviously, that's contingent on the weather in your area -- a Vermont girl's coat choices will be very different from those of a Virginia girl. Bearing that in mind, if you're looking to invest in a new coat this year, here are my suggestions.

If you're looking for a lightweight jacket to round out your wardrobe, I would recommend either a trench or a quilted jacket.

I own a trench coat from L.L. Bean and love it. It's my go-to during the autumn as it layers easily to provide some warmth and protection from the wind but isn't too bulky. I love this Banana Republic trench; Everlane also has a less expensive option and this is the jacket I own from L.L. Bean (although it's only available in navy).

Quilted jackets are another quintessential choice. I love the look of a quilted jacket with an oxford and boots during the fall. Barbour is an obvious choice and makes amazing, high-quality pieces that will last you years. I also love this option from Ralph Lauren!

For something warmer than a trench but not quite a full-on parka, I'd look to topcoats. J.Crew and  Land's End make some of my favorites. I love this ruffle-pocket version from Crew, and their Daphne topcoat comes in six different shades. Crew also brought back the Megan-Markle-approved Tipped Wrap Coat which is just gorgeous! This design is also currently on sale from Land's End, and I love the color blocking and gold button details.

For days when it's really cold, you'll want a fully-lined coat made of a thick wool. I love this tweed version made from Italian wool (a fantastic statement coat!). If you want something that errs more on the neutral side, you can't go wrong with a beautiful camel color like this Ralph Lauren wool coat. I also love this practical, yet stylish parka option. The addition of a fur-lined hood adds tons of extra warmth and also doubles as a stylish design detail.

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