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Nautical Notions

Most of you know that I love to discover, support, and share new brands that have unique pieces in their collections. Today, I wanted to quickly share one of my favorite new brand discoveries. Nautical Notions is a jewelry brand featuring handcrafted glass pearl designs by Alex Deiniger. As the name implies, the brand specializes in gorgeous pieces that are reminiscent of the sea (but are perfect for all four seasons!).

Alex was kind enough to send me one of her most popular pieces, the aptly-named "Classic Pearl Bracelet".  I was so impressed by the gorgeous packaging and the construction of the bracelet, but perhaps what I loved most was the subtle and elegant detail of the signature gold-plated clamshell clasp. This is a running theme throughout the line - from gameday pearl bracelets to a pearl sunglass strap - each piece has a unique twist that makes them a fun addition to your jewelry collection.

My pearl bracelet has quickly become a favorite among my jewelry, as it's not over the top but pulls and outfit together - perfect for throwing on on your way to class or for completing an evening ensemble. If you're interested in affordable, unique pearl pieces to add to your collection, I'd encourage you to check out the line!



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