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Gift Guide for the Gals

The holidays are upon us, which means it's time to jump right into the giving season. I love to spend time picking out unique gifts for everyone on my list; bonus points if I'm able to support a smaller brand in the process! I've been keeping a running list in my phone of fun gift ideas for months now, and today I thought I would share some inspiration for what to give the gals in your life. I tried to include something for everyone - be it your mom, grandma, aunt, sister or bestie. Hope this gives you some ideas to round out your shopping list this year!

The Daily Edited - Custom Notebook

I'm a firm believer that there are "notebook people" in this world. I know a lot of people who absolutely love their notebooks, and fill them cover-to-cover with ideas, plans, appointments, etc. If you have someone like that in your life, then a beautiful, high-quality notebook could be a great gift. TDE's notebooks tick all those boxes, and as a bonus, they can be customized with your recipient's initials. Bonus: they also have vegan leather options!

Brook & York - Engraved Bracelet, Engraved Necklace

If you haven't already guessed, I'm a huge fan of personalized gifts. I think it just adds an extra special touch to anything you might give! Engraved jewelry is an especially wonderful way to approach a personalized gift. The engraving doesn't necessarily need to be the initials of the recipient, either; my dad gave my mom a necklace engraved with each of her children's' initials, and she still loves it! Brook & York has a great selection of classic, high-quality (gold or silver plated) jewelry at a reasonable price point, and they also offer gorgeous gift packaging (perfect if you're having it sent directly to someone!). I especially love the pearl toggle on this bracelet! Unique details like this make Brook & York's line a winner for me. Alternatively, check out Kiel James Patrick, Etsy, or Baublebar.

Talbots - Scalloped Moccasins

I love my slippers and wear them every day when I get back to my dorm. Slippers make a wonderful wintry gift, and I love the scalloped detail and fuzzy lining on this pair. L.L. Bean's "Wicked Good" slippers are also a great choice!

Modern Picnic - Lunchbox

Modern Picnic is one of my favorite brand discoveries of 2018. They make beautiful, innovative leather lunchboxes and "snackers" that are designed to look like a stylish handbag. A modern picnic luncher would make the perfect gift for the fashion-forward career woman in your life who brings her lunch with her on the daily, or the college girl who wants something more presentable to carry her lunch to class in. They have a plethora of colors to choose from, and they're definitely on my wishlist for next year when I (fingers crossed) have my own apartment and start cooking my meals!

Skin Gym - Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Facial rollers have really taken the skincare world by storm in 2018, and for good reason. They improve circulation, stimulate collagen production, and help your skincare products sink in. Plus, it just feels great to use them! There are lots of rose quartz facial rollers in a similar price range on the market, but I love the Skin Gym brand simply because their packaging/branding is so fun, and the product is really beautiful. This would make a great stocking stuffer, or gift to include with face masks for a fun relaxation-themed present.

Amazon - In the Company of Women

I received this book as a gift from my aunt and uncle last year, and I absolutely love it! On a surface level, it's a beautifully designed book that looks great on a shelf or a coffee table. But beyond that, the book itself is an amazing read and filled with profiles on inspiring women working in the creative space. This would be the perfect gift for gals of any age, especially if they're interested in or are pursuing a creative career.

Pop & Suki - Matchbox Bobby Pins

Everyone can use extra bobby pins, and Pop & Suki makes them an accessory with the pretty rose-gold metal, pink tips and matching pink "matchbook" packaging that doubles as an accessory and storage case. Perfect for the gal who's on the go or who loves a good hair accessory.

GoPro - Hero Camera

If you have an outdoorsy gal or a traveler in your life a GoPro makes a great present to help her document her adventures. As a bonus, GoPro's new Hero camera is an updated (and more attractive) design with new features like a touchscreen and voice control.

Framebridge - Framed Instagram Photo

I love the idea of giving someone a photograph of a memory you share. Framebridge offers affordable and easy framing (and they'll even allow you to choose photos directly from your Instagram!) with lots of frame options to suit every interior decor style. I'm partial to the gold bamboo frame, but they also have classic wood and metal options. This is another service that will gift-wrap so you can order directly to your recipient's address!

Ember - Temperature Control Mug

Anyone who drinks coffee or tea knows the struggle of pouring a cup that's scalding, only to check back moments later and realizing it's already too cold. Ember is a really amazing, futuristic mug that will keep your drink at a temperature that you set. This is definitely pricey, but the novelty and functionality of it (and the fact that it's something that can be used every day) makes it a really thoughtful choice for anyone who always has a mug at her desk. They also make a travel tumbler version for the gal on the go!

L'Occitane - Shea Butter Hand Cream

L'Occitane's shea butter cream is a classic for a reason. My aunt bought me a sampler set of the L'Occitane hand creams for my birthday last year and I completely used them up.  I was a skeptic, but now I'm converted; they're absolutely amazing and well worth the higher price tag. The shea butter version is a great neutral scent if you're not sure about allergies or fragrance preferences, and it makes a great luxurious and practical gift.

Mark and Graham - Monogrammed Double Sided Wool Scarf

Both my mom and I have Mark and Graham scarves on our wishlist. Scarves are a great gift (very seasonally-appropriate), and Mark and Graham offers a huge selection of colors and patterns with the option for monogramming. I love the double-sided wool scarf, as it's essentially two scarves in one!

Those are my gift recommendations for the gals in your life! Who's on your list this year?



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