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It's been a while since I've talked about makeup on the blog. When I was younger I used to be sooo into makeup, and while I still very much enjoy staying caught up on what's going on the beauty community, I rarely try out new products and tend to stick with what I know works for me. However, lately, I've become more interested in expanding my regime (especially after a few of my favorite products got discontinued; ugh!), and I've found a few absolute gems. I get quite a few requests via Instagram dms about what my favorite products are, and usually, the answer is always the same -- but since some things have changed, I decided it was time to write a proper update and share what I've been loving!

1. Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight
Anyone who knows me knows that I adore glowy makeup; but shockingly, I'm very picky about my highlighters. I don't like it when a highlighter looks shiny and healthy from far away, but powdery up close. Cream or liquid products are my go-to to achieve a glowy look without adding powder to the skin. My former fave was this cream/powder hybrid from Colourpop in the color Lunch Money; I also tried the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl a few years ago, but at $41 I just couldn't justify the price tag. Recently, I purchased the Clinique Chubby Stick Highlighter on a friend's recommendation, and I love it. It's by far my favorite highlighter and it really gives you that "wet skin" look - a really authentic, dewy skin appearance that I've been searching for! The fact that it's in a stick form only adds to the ease of use and makes this a must-have for me, especially on early mornings when my skin needs a boost.

2. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue
I just do not have time to apply foundation in the morning (especially with 9ams four days a week), and I also don't really like the look or feeling of a ton of coverage on my skin, at least on an everyday basis. The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is the perfect level of coverage for me (think tinted-moisturizer) and it's so easy to apply with my fingers, no brush necessary. It also adds a nice level of moisture, which feels amazing when my skin looks dull or dry. The only downside is definitely the price -- I would love to find a drugstore tinted moisturizer or BB Cream, but haven't found anything that doesn't irritate my skin (super sensitive skin, anyone?). If you have any recommendations, let me know!

3. Smashbox Cream Contour Stick 
For over a year, I loved and repurchased the Jordana Contour Sticks. Unfortunately, my local Walgreens stopped carrying them, and it seemed silly to purchase them off of the Jordana website. I decided to search for an alternative. I thought my criteria was simple: a cool-toned contour stick. Apparently, that is a lot harder to find than I anticipated. Why does every contour stick look orange????? I finally settled on the Smashbox Cream Contour Stick, and after a learning curve I'm starting to really enjoy it. Unfortunately, it seems as though in the two weeks I've had mine, it, too, has been discontinued. For now you can still find them in-store if you want to try it out, and I still have a while before mine runs out -- but it seems as though I'm back to square one. I think my next trial will be with the Nudie Sticks Matte Cream stick in the Bare Back color, but let me know if you have any other suggestions!

4. Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff
I've heard such good things about Glossier and finally decided to try out their cloud paint. Truthfully, I'm not really a blush girl. However, this cream blush is honestly magical! It adds such a natural, gorgeous flush to the cheeks and gives them structure without making them look overdone. A little goes a long way, so I feel comfortable with the slightly higher price tag. I'm definitely interested in trying out more of Glossier's products -- Boy Brow may be my next purchase, although I'm a little concerned that my eyebrows may be too unruly for even Boy Brow to handle!

5. Givenchy RougVinyl Color Enhancing Lipstick in Rouge Rebelle
I rarely wear any kind of lip product other than a clear balm. However, for my birthday last year, my friend surprised me with this gorgeous lipstick as a (very generous!) gift. This is by far the most luxe lip product I've ever owned, and the boldest, as it's a true, rich red. Initially, I was wary of the color, but when I applied it I fell in love with both the shade and the formula. It's definitely my perfect red, and the "vinyl" formula adds shine that makes it just so wearable and gorgeous. It doesn't look too "done-up" or vintage; definitely a modern red lipstick. I don't wear this on the daily, but when I go out to fancier occasions I love the look of this applied full-on with a black dress or applied sheerly to add a wash of color.

Those are five new makeup favorites of mine -- I'd love to hear what your staples are and any recommendations you have!

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