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Friday Roundup #11

1. Spring Break 

It's almost been two weeks since I got back from Spring Break, and I'm still wishing I had more than just one week off! I decided to just go home and spend time relaxing with family, which turned out to be exactly what I needed. It was so nice to just be completely free to do whatever I wanted, be it get up early and have a productive day or lounge around in my pajamas watching Netflix into the late afternoon. 

2. Taking a Breather

I've been making a conscious effort to take some things off my plate. Over spring break, I think I realized that I was far more stressed than I was even aware of during the first half of this semester, and I've come to understand that that was probably due (in large part, at least) to over-scheduling myself. Last semester (whether it was accurate or not) I felt like I wasn't doing enough, but this semester I swung too far in the opposite direction and way overestimated how much I could reasonably take on at once. Through the process of reevaluating what's going on and whittling down my commitments, I think I'm finally starting to find a good balance. I'm still busier than ever, but for some reason, it feels manageable instead of overwhelming -- which tells me I'm on the right track!

3. Ghirardelli Sipping Chocolate

My holiday discovery was Trader Joe's sipping chocolate, and I was devastated to find that it was a seasonal item that I couldn't repurchase after I ran out. I scoured the internet for an alternative and came across the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate sipping chocolate on Amazon. This stuff is amazing. If you're unfamiliar, sipping chocolate is purely cocoa and sugar, nothing added. You can make really rich, true sipping chocolate with it, but I add about 1/3 of a serving (typically about a tbsp) and some stevia to make a simple, low-sugar hot cocoa. It's so delicious!

4. Sorority Initiation

I'm so so happy to say that I'm now a sister of the Beta chapter of Sigma Delta Tau! I went through recruitment/rush and got my bid back in early January. Joining SDT was one of the best things I've done so far in my college experience, and I was so so happy to finally become an official member! If anyone is interested in hearing about my rush experience or sorority experience in general, let me know - I'd be happy to write about it! For initiation, wore this dress from Astr. 

5. Spring has Sprung

This year I've been more excited for spring than ever before. Daylight savings time has done wonders to improve my mood and I love enjoying the extra sunlight. The temperatures have been slowly creeping upwards here in Philadelphia, and I'm loving it! I'm also loving spring fashion this year. J.Crew has been killing it (and normally I'm not a fan of their spring/summer arrivals); as has Tory Burch, Anthropologie and (shocker) Urban Outfitters. I mean, have you seen this toile dress from Urban? It's speaking to me on a spiritual level. 

Hope you have a lovely week!



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