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Kyle Cavan: Modern College Jewelry

I am so proud of where I go to school. Opening my acceptance letter to the University of Pennsylvania was one of the happiest moments of my life. I am a firm believer that no matter where you choose to study, pursuing higher education is a valuable and amazing experience that takes grit and lots of hard work (both to get into the college of your choice, and to succeed while you're there). It's something to openly celebrate!

It's for that reason that I love the idea of college jewelry. What's better than showing your school pride by wearing jewelry to commemorate your alma mater (or future alma mater)? Yet, I'll be the first to admit that the "standard" of college jewelry - the class ring - definitely isn't something that many people, especially women, wear every day (if at all). Class signet rings, classic as they may be, were designed with men in mind and they've retained their "old boys club" design with little updating over the years. It's past time for college jewelry that's designed for women, by women. Kyle Cavan fills that space in the college jewelry market, and I'm so excited to introduce the brand!

I'm very excited to be working as part of the #CavanCrew on Penn's campus. Kyle Cavan currently has over 20 schools in their line, with more on the way. Their flagship offering is their beautiful coin jewelry, which is available in different metals and designs (check out the Florentine necklace with its beautiful beveled edges, or the classic organic necklace). They also have gorgeous jewelry inspired by classic campus architecture (this one is Penn's College Hall) and enamel bracelets. All of these pieces can so easily be layered with your everyday jewelry or worn alone for a classic minimalist look. They fit seamlessly into your signature style, and are far more wearable and understated than a signet ring while still paying homage to your school. I love how much research goes into each of Kyle Cavan's lines; they truly take their time to understand the unique history and culture of each school that they design for, and encorporate it into their pieces.

It goes without saying that a piece from Kyle Cavan's line would make a fantastic graduation gift or a gift for a current student! If you'd like to purchase a piece, you can use my code PENNEVZ19 for a discount.



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