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Saturday in Philly

Today I thought I would ramble a little bit. This past weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in quite a while! After a week of being sick, I really needed a great weekend to feel refreshed and ready to catch up on everything I missed. 

Saturday was a perfect day - 70 degrees and sunny. My roommate Belle, friend Michelle and I met up around 12p and walked across the bridge to downtown Philadelphia. On our way, we stopped in my favorite coffee shop - Joe on Chesnut street. Michelle got a matcha latte and I got an iced coffee for the road. This was the first day I was able to walk outside without a jacket! I wore my favorite eyelet dress from Madewell (this year's version here), white Supergas, and carried my J.Crew All Day Tote (no longer available, but also love the Everlane Market Tote). 

After stopping at Joe, we walked down Chesnut and crossed onto Walnut once we got over the Schuylkill. I had passed by the Rittenhouse Square farmer's market (a Saturday mainstay) several times in the past but never stopped by; today was the perfect day to take a stroll through. There were so many flower/plant vendors, which made me so happy to see! Afterward, we continued down Walnut and did a little shopping at Madewell and Athleta. I didn't end up purchasing anything, but I got so much inspiration for my spring and summer style. With shopping bags in tow, we went back to the park and sat for a while, shooting some photos and enjoying the weather. Then, we started to head back home, stopping at a flower shop and a (very tiny) Target. 

Throughout the trip, we snapped photos on Michelle's disposable camera. Yes, the cheap plastic cameras our moms used to buy at CVS to take vacation pictures. Michelle is one of the artsiest people I know, so it's only natural she would be bringing back arguably one of the most unpopular forms of photography (and doing it beautifully!).  On our way home, we stopped in a local photo shop where they were able to develop the photos and send Michelle digital versions of them. I thought this was a genius way to get pictures developed, and I love how the photos turned out. There's something so fun about only having "one shot" to get a photo -- the spontaneity of it is exciting and somehow more genuine than taking 40+ photos to get the perfect shot (I'm definitely guilty of that!). I'm seriously considering purchasing a disposable camera and taking it out with me on my next excursion!



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