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Friday Roundup #12

1. Podcasting 

After talking about it for months, my best friend Mary and I have started a podcast together! We're both huge fans of lifestyle podcasts like Gals on the Go and Girls Gotta Eat, but we felt like there aren't enough shows dedicated to girls our age (aka late high school and college). So, we decided to take on a creative endeavor and start our own. It's been so much fun for both of us, and we have so many ideas for it! If you're curious, check out Leading Ladies; our first episode went live today!

2. Unreal Chocolate

As a huge fan of dark chocolate, especially in bite-size form, I think I can definitely say I've found the most amazing dark chocolate candies on the market: the Unreal Dark Chocolate Crispy Quinoa Gems. They look and taste just like dark chocolate M&Ms but without the dyes and extra ingredients! I've been having them as dessert and they're sooo delicious.

3. Productive Summer

I'm actually excited to be working this summer! I've taken on a few jobs nannying, and I'm also working on an internship and my side projects (read: the blog, sorority Centennial planning, the podcast, etc.!). It's nice to have some structure to my schedule without it being overpacked or too rigid. I think I've struck a nice balance between avoiding laziness and being overscheduled, and I'm so happy I managed to do so!

4. Visits from Forever Friends

One of my best college friends, Emma Fee (you might remember her from this post) came down to visit last week and we had such a fun time hanging out on the beach of our local lake, getting dinner and taking a late-night boat ride! It was so great to see her; it can be hard to be away from college friends, and nothing makes me happier than hearing from her! Also, how adorable is her Aerie striped suit?

5. CorePower Yoga

One of my goals going into this summer was to stay active. I walked all the time in college (usually 8,000+ steps per day), and staying active did such wonders for my mental as well as physical health. I really wanted to try yoga, so I did a free week at my local CorePower studio and I was immediately hooked. I've never actually looked forward to a workout, but I love going to the 9:30am class every morning! I just joined their unlimited monthly membership and I couldn't be happier. PSA: they have a student discount, too!

Hope your week was wonderful!



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