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Friday Roundup #14

1. Sorority House Living 

This year I'm living in my sorority house and I absolutely love it so far. I wasn't sure how my experience would be, but I was up for the adventure and I'm so glad I took the plunge. The Sigma Delta Tau house is a beautiful, huge historical home and we have a full kitchen (with an amazing chef - such a big plus!), study room, chapter room that doubles as a big living room and even our own porch. My room itself has beautiful high ceilings and a big window and I love how my decor (most of which I reused from last year) looks in it. My roommate is a doll and it's just so much fun to live with my sisters.

2. Rent the Runway

I am so happy to say that I was recently selected to be a Rent the Runway Campus Representative! I submitted my application back in early August and was beyond thrilled when I got the email. RTR's mission of sustainable, attainable fashion for every woman is something I wholeheartedly support. I am so excited to be representing them on Penn's campus this semester, and of course, the complimentary Update subscription doesn't hurt! I had so much fun picking out my first shipment and can't wait to share what I received.

3. Prime Now

Along the same vein of innovative online shopping, can we talk about Prime Now? A friend of mine introduced me to this Amazon service and I'm hooked. I'm not sure how widely available it is, but if you're in an area that they offer it you can order fresh groceries from your local whole foods and they get delivered (for free!) to your house within 2 hours. They even send the cold items in little frozen bags to keep everything super fresh. This week one of my sorority sisters and I stocked up on essentials like cashew yogurt, apples, crackers and (my personal favorite) sweet potatoes! I was so impressed with the service and will definitely be using it again.

4. Sickness & Taking Care of Yourself

The first three weeks have school have been pretty rough for me health-wise, and especially this past week. I'm reminded of the fact that it's so, so important to take care of your health. Being sick is no joke in college, so it's always better to take some preventative measures to prevent any major illness. So, for all my fellow students: rest, relax, and take breaks for yourself! You don't need to be "sick enough" to stay in or take a day off if you feel like its necessary to protect your health.

5. Themed Mixers

Part of being a sophomore in a sorority is attending all of our social events, especially our mixers! I've actually been having so much fun trying to dress to the theme of the events. One of my favorites was an early 2000s-themed mixer we had this past week; it was a great excuse to go full-on Britney.



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