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Best Purchases of 2019

Even though it's already February (eek! where did the time go??), I wanted to reflect on 2019 and talk about some of my best purchases of the year.

1. Apple Watch
I bought my apple watch this summer after seeing how Mary (my bff) was obsessed with hers. I'd been thinking about it for a while, especially after my old Fitbit broke a few years ago. The fitness tracking attracted me the most, and I decided that the Apple Watch's extra features (especially getting notifications and text messages) were worth the extra $50 or so compared to the latest Fitbit model. I also, crucially, wanted the heart rate monitoring feature. I have to say my watch has proved to be so useful over the past year, and I am so happy I pulled the trigger!

2. Apple Airpods
If you're as obsessed with music as I am, you need AirPods (or wireless headphones in general) in your life. I'll admit, I was skeptical for so long about dropping over $100 on headphones. But for the number of times that I use them daily and how they allow me to keep the soundtrack of my life going hands-free, if my AirPods disappeared tomorrow (knock on wood!) I would gladly buy them again. I can say after 6 months I wouldn't be without them!

3. Fleece Bomber Jacket
Anyone who knows me knows how much I l-o-v-e coats. I have way too many, but strangely I never had a nice, plain black bomber. After falling in love with the gold zipper hardware, I purchased this one (currently on sale) from J.Crew last fall. It's quickly become my most-worn jacket. Over Thanksgiving break, this was the only jacket I brought home - a shocking proposition for a chronic over-packer like me, but I truly didn't want to wear anything else!

4. Vince Slip-Ons 
Yet another thing that I can't believe I didn't own before. I bought these classic Vince Warren sneakers at the Bloomingdale's outlet in center city Philly (if you're in the area, this is one of my favorite places for amazing deals). The slight platform just elevates this style, both literally and figuratively; I feel like these add an extra level of style to any outfit I pair them with. The best part is that they're wicked comfortable and the quality is truly unmatched. For the amount that I've worn them over the past 6+ months, they still look so good and not at all worn out. They're the perfect shoe for class!

5. Dossier Perfume
I found my signature scent in 2019. Dossier Oriental 1 is inspired by YSL's Black Opium scent, and it's amazing. Dossier's brand mission is to provide high-quality perfume without the markup, and they have a collection of scents inspired by popular "designer" fragrances. I love the aesthetic of their packaging (they have magnetized caps - what's more satisfying than that?) even more than I do the original YSL perfume, which is over double the price! And as far as I can tell, they smell identical.

6. Kyle Cavan Necklace
Anyone who knows me knows that my Kyle Cavan Penn Florentine necklace is my signature piece of jewelry. I wore this necklace almost every day in 2019, for every event from casual days in class to our sorority formal. My next purchase will definitely be one of their sorority necklaces!

7. Casetify Phone Case
I finally upgraded from my $10 Amazon iPhone case to a "big girl" Casetify case last year. I bought the personalized leather case and got my initials printed on the back. A little extra? Yes. But what is worth it? Most definitely. I've been so pleased with the protective features of the case, and love that the brand allows you to personalize your device without sacrificing its protection.

8. J.Crew Curvy Jeans
Guys. I've found my perfect jeans. A big statement, I know, but there really isn't another style that fits me as well as the J.Crew curvy line does. I would say I have more of a pear-shaped lower half, and the Crew curvy jeans cinch me in at the waist while still accommodating my thighs. They're the perfect fit and I will continue to buy all of the washes!

9. Google Home Mini
To be fair, this last one wasn't a purchase - I got my Google Home Mini as a perk for having a Spotify premium membership. However, I absolutely love it and definitely think it's worth the ~$50! I have this set up in my room at school, and love it so much I brought it home over winter break so I wouldn't be without it. I mainly use my home mini to play music, the radio, and as an alarm clock. The voice commands are so easy and the speaker quality is great (I would say even better than comparable smart speakers like the echo dot).

What were your favorites of 2019?

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