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Style File: Emma Fee

I have always been inspired by the people surrounding me, and I'm incredibly lucky in the amazing friends that I have in my life. This blog is meant to discuss and celebrate my favorite things, as well as serve as a catalog of my inspiration and thoughts at any given time. With Style Files, I hope to spotlight the people in my life who inspire me daily. 

The first person I'd like to introduce you to is my friend Emma Fee. Yes, we have the same name; the best name! We met during my freshman year at UPenn (shoutout to the Hill Dining Hall), and we've been so close ever since. The first thing I noticed about Emma was her strong sense of personal style. I can only describe it as a natural sense of curation; she knows what fits in with her idea of herself, and she brings into her life only that. As I got to know her better, I've come to realize that that sense of curation that she brings to her style extends to her whole life. Each aspect seems to fit perfectly into the puzzle of who she is.

You’ve been featured on the blog before, but for the readers, give us a little about yourself: where do you go to school, major, etc.?

I am a sophomore at Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA! I am from the area and actually
grew up on campus because both of my parents work at the College. It is one of the most
incredible small towns in the entire world, and I absolutely love it here! I am majoring in English
and an individualized major that I designed myself: The Philosophy of Poverty. It combines
philosophy and microeconomics to explore how our society views and reacts to poverty on a
qualitative level. I am also passionate about the Italian language and would love to minor in it, but
unfortunately, I just do not have space in my schedule. I also love photography (see my photo
credits on some of Emma Van Zandt’s other posts!), cooking, and I play rugby!

Who inspires your personal style?

I have a hard time defining my personal style because I feel like it changes from day to day, as
well as with the seasons. I lived in Denmark when I was 15, and so I have definitely been
influenced by Scandinavian colors and cuts. My sister’s Swedish friend Annika had the coolest
style, and I definitely still look through her Insta sometimes for outfit inspiration. She wears a lot
of black, classic button-down tops, fitted jeans, and is a master of the capsule closet!

I have also been very influenced by the Belgian exchange student who lived with my family a
few years ago. She had a very maximalist mindset, and her wardrobe was full of “statement
staples,” if you will. So, my European friends have had a huge impact on my personal style.
I follow a few influencers on Instagram who I look to sometimes as well. Jera Foster-Fell
(@jera.bean) has a very cool, edgy, street style that I think is awesome! She plays around with
both feminine and chic looks, and I love her sense of freedom around fashion.

I also LOVE Emily Weiss (Glossier founder and CEO!). She tends to wear very structured,
classic pieces. She wears a lot of silk and satin in neutral shades, but will pair them with
blazers, denim, or bright pops of color!
Also, Rihanna. Obviously.

What are the top 5 products in your makeup bag?

I wear almost ENTIRELY Glossier. Lash Slick, Futuredew, and Cloud Paint in Beam are all daily
staples. I also love Catrice’s One Drop Coverage Weightless Concealer in the lightest shade
they sell (even though it is still too orange for me), as well as a beautiful MAC eyeshadow
palette that my sister made for me! It has nine neutral colors that I wear every day. My favorites
are Poppyseed, Embark, and Haux.

What five images compose your “mood board” of the week?

Pretty much anything that reminds me of summer. Bright, warm colors (like in this gorgeous
dress from Sézane!), puffy clouds, lush greens, and cows, because they are so cute.

What’s your go-to outfit combination?

Mom jeans, sneakers, and a tank top. I will wear this combo year-round, no matter the occasion.
If it’s chilly, I’ll also wear either a cardigan or massive pullover sweatshirt, too.

Playlist your life in five songs.

Lights by Journey, Lights by Ellie Goulding, Euphoria by Loreen, Menswear by The 1975, and
Sunday Morning by Matoma. Some of my favorite feel-good songs.

What item in your wardrobe do you wear the most?

My mom’s vintage Levi’s jean jacket. It’s the jacket I am wearing for this shoot. It is from the
mid-80s, and she wore it throughout college. It is most certainly my most-worn and most favorite

How would you describe your personal style?

Like I said before, I have a hard time characterizing my style. If I had to, I would say that it is
part European city-chic, part classic New England, and part early-90s British grunge. I like to
wear a lot of simple pieces (jeans, plain tank top, jacket), complemented by interesting
sneakers. I love shoes, and tend to build my outfits around them. Maybe EVZ could pop in here
to add her take on my style!

If you were to create a capsule wardrobe, what would be your core contents and color

Cool mom-jeans in dark and light washes, as well as black, and then both a black and a white
tank top. Pair some jeans and a top with a black belt, some sneakers (white, black, gold, or
patterned) and a bunch of jewelry, and I am set! I can throw my jean or army green jacket on
top, too! When it is really cold, I also love blanket scarves. I have a ton that are black and pink.

What is your philosophy on confidence and self-love?

Recently, I have really been trying to remind myself that doing my best is always enough, and
sometimes even more than enough. I have a lot of anxiety from perfectionism and ideals of
“perfect” that I have concocted in my head, and I need to remind myself that as long as I put
forth my greatest effort, everything is going to work out. I have been really embracing the “give
yourself a break” mentality because that is something I struggle to do.

It also helps to surround yourself with great people who also always put forth their best effort so
that we can hold ourselves accountable, but also remind each other of how great we are.
Outside people can remind us of the great work that we have done and how awesome we are,
because it can be difficult to see that from within!

I also like the practice of talking to myself the way that I would talk to my friends. If I would never
critique my best friend the way that I critique myself, why should I talk to myself that way!
Remember that YOU are human too, and just as deserving of all the love you give to others!


I hope you enjoyed this post, a glimpse into the life of one of my closest friends, Emma Fee. Show her some love on her Instagram, @_emmafee_!



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