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My Quarantine Routine + Online School Producitivity

8:30am // Morning Alarm

I set my google home alarm for 8:30am each morning. Rarely do I actually hop out of bed at this time (you'll usually hear me saying "hey google: snooze" at least once, if not twice), but it feels good to have my wakeup call at the same time each day. 

By 9:30 at the latest, I'm up and in the kitchen grabbing breakfast. My go-to's are oatmeal (love loading mine up with berries, banana, and almond butter), Kashi cereal with oat milk, or pancakes if I feel extra motivated. I have to start every morning with my first cup of coffee. I recently found out that we have a milk frother, and I've been foaming my oat milk to add a little something extra. 

Armed with breakfast and coffee I head into my ~ home office ~ (read: my desk in my childhood bedroom) for my first zoom class of the day. The majority of my classes are live on zoom, but I do have one lecture for which my professor opted to post recordings instead of hosting a live class.

1pm // Lunch

After my first class/work session of the day, I'm usually hungry. I try to eat around the same time to help keep some sense of normalcy for my body and metabolism. I have different things for lunch each day, but I love some fruit around this time for a boost of energy. Speaking of which, if I haven't already had my second cup of coffee I'll make it now. 

Throughout the day I've made it a goal to feed my body whatever it's craving. Being at home and not moving as much as I used to means that my hunger cues can be a little off. It's important to tune in as best you can and make sure you're eating regularly and listening to your body!

2pm // More Class + Work

Mon-Thurs I have a zoom Spanish class at 2p, which I love because it anchors my day and adds structure. After Spanish, I typically give myself an hour break or so to watch some Youtube, catch up on blogs, grab a snack, etc. Afterward, it's back to work on assignments for the week. I'm most productive in the afternoon and evening, so I try to take advantage of that and start on my work later in the day. 

Typically, I like to work on no more than two main tasks at a time. This semester the majority of my courses are project-based. I find that my planning and time-management is a lot different from semesters where I have exam-based classes. Especially being at home, three things have really helped me stay on top of my work:

One // Make a List

I have a newfound love for stickie notes. There's nothing more satisfying than crossing things off a physical list. It also helps me to see all the tasks I have to do next to one another and quickly identify which is more urgent and what can be lower-priority. 

Two // Have a Designated Work Space

I know I'm not someone who is able to work from their bed. The best thing for my productivity has been keeping a designated work area: my desk. I did a little redecorating when I found out I would be home for the rest of the semester, and even the little extra touches (like my favorite candle) make it so much more enjoyable to work there. I keep all of my materials there, as well, which keeps me organized. 

Three // Set Yourself Up for Success

As I mentioned earlier, I know I'm the most productive in the afternoon. So, I try my best to schedule my day with the plan to get the majority of my work done during this time. If you're a morning or evening person, schedule yourself (to the best of your ability!) so that you are able to get things done at the time that you do your best work. 

6-7pm // Dinner + Movement

My family tends to have dinner around 6-7pm. Before and after I'm usually doing a bit of work. 

An hour or so after we eat, I try to get a quick workout in. This could mean yoga, an ab workout, a run or anything in between. For free workouts, I've been loving Alexis Ren's ab workout, Yoga with Adrienne, and the Peloton App. If you're willing to spend a little, my ultimate favorite workout is Barre3. This week I've been doing zoom workouts with my Philly studio instructors and it's been such a nice treat.

I try to get in at least some movement to keep myself from getting stiff. However, I never force it. If I prefer to just lay in bed or continue whatever project I'm working on, I'll do that instead! I don't believe in forcing myself to work out.

8:30pm // Netflix

I'm currently rewatching The Witcher with my mom, who hasn't seen the series yet. It's a fantastic show and I would completely recommend it! When she's not in the mood to watch something I'll watch Narcos: Mexico on my own. Next up on my list is (surprise surprise) Tiger King, and I finished Unorthodox last week (loved!). Afterward, I will typically start winding down in my room. I'll spend some time on my laptop, maybe facetime a friend or listen to a podcast.

11:00pm // Bedtime

I try and be in bed by around 11:00pm. This is definitely something I need to get better about; I've been struggling with falling asleep and I think that having a consistent bedtime would be really helpful. Right now I'm taking melatonin pretty regularly to sleep, which is another thing I'm trying to get away from. The goal is to slowly wean myself off of it! Before bed, I watch relaxation videos on youtube, and I like to have NPR playing on my google home.

There's a lot of conflicting messages right now about "how" we should be spending our time in quarantine. Personally, I think that quarantine motivation can be great, but it can also be toxic. This situation is as new to you as it is to me, and as it is to everyone else. There is no right or wrong way to spend your time in quarantine. The important thing is that you are self-isolating to do your part, and that by itself is enough. Let go of the pressure, and do what helps you feel your best each day!

Hope you all are doing well. Stay safe and healthy!



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