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Favorite Beauty Products of the Moment (Self-Care in Quarantine)

"Self-care" has always been such a buzzword, but I think it's more relevant now than ever. Quarantine, self-isolation, whatever you want to call it -- it can definitely take a toll on your mental health. I know it has for mine! Some days are better than others, but one thing that always helps lift my mood is engaging in some great self-care. To preface this: I definitely don't believe that engaging in self-care has to mean spending money on a product or service. Those can definitely be a part of it, but there are so many ways to take care of yourself mentally and physically without spending anything. That being said, one form of self- care I've been loving lately is just pampering myself with a few nice beauty products. Today I wanted to feature the items that have been great pick-me-ups during my time at home!

1 // Clinique Chubby Stick Highlighter

2 // Dossier Oriental 1 Perfume

3 // KKW Beauty Lip Liner in Nude 1.5

4 // PeriPera Ink Lasting Cover Foundation 

5 // Rose Quartz Roller

6 // Essie Expressie Nail Polish 


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